Need help with VCarve

I’M working on a project and I just can’t seem to Get the right bit or settings. Is there a i Can share the file on here or I could Email it to anyone that would like to hep. Thanks in advance.

Sorry forgot to say I’M using Vcarve Desktop.

What’s the problem? A little detail would help.

Again sorry I kinda frustrated. It very small text under .75 and I just can’t get the detail I want. Smallest bit I normally use is 60 degree v bit. But it’s not getting the detail I want. Is there a way to share the file?

Look into 20 degree bits. This thread will help alot.

Katinproject2.0.crv (5.7 MB)
I’m having trouble Kanvas BY Katin Part. I would like to V Carve it or Pockit ou.

Sorry doug, tried to pull this up to help you out but you have a newer version of VCarve than I do. If you can post a screenshot of your vectors and your carving 3d preview showing the lack of detail, I could probably still help you. Otherwise, someone will surely look at the file and offer some advice.

Jeremy would you mind if I e Mail you the File?

I have an old version of VCarve so cant open your file as it was created using the latest version. I dont think there is any way to save the file to be backwards compatible with a previous verion. Export to an SVG and then upload that. I should be able to work with that.

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Is this what you’re looking to acheive???

It’s going to be tough no matter what, because the font is so small and close together.

This is just V carving the figure:

I set the depth to 0.0625" and used a 1/16" endmill to rough out the pocket areas ahead of the Vcarve.

Here is what the whole thing would look like with a final 1/8" endmill for the final profile cut:

Here’s the file (make sure you change the endmills and vbits to match what you are using): (2.8 MB)

Thanks everyone I was trying to get the kanvas by katin to come out better without altering it. I just felt I was missing something or was over looking a setting or a bit or something.

You could try with a 30deg bit, it would be narrower and wouldn’t widen the text out as much. Or pocket with a 1/32" endmill maybe.

True, but this isn’t normal or thin line text. The ‘anv’ part is almost touching, which is where the problems will be.

I’m doing this for a friend witch owns the Katin brand. This Katin logo is an iconic surf brand here in California. So I’m trying to keep everything as original as possible. I did a test piece where I enlarge the guy a little bit and moved the letters around a little to give me more room,and my friend which works in the fashion industry notice the changes right off the bat. So I’m trying to keep everything original. The logo was developed in the 60s.

Phil lol I started looking . I spent last night reading about the laser. I hate not being able to do something the way I want it to come out.