Need long USB cable - Recommendations?

I have finally gotten my XCarve back up and running after 3 years of moving and craziness. I now have it in a shop and the computer is 40 ft away, so I’m hoping to get a cable long enough. The one I purchased from Amazon doesn’t work

and I’m hoping someone else has had luck. I have a dongle for my MacBook pro, but anything of that length I will make work. Thank you!

I’m using one of these and it works perfectly. It’s a USB extender (like an extension cord but for USB) so you can plug any USB cable into the female end of it. You’ll need to provide your own short USB cable between it and your device. Hope this helps.


Looks like it needs to be powered, which is now making sense. Thank you for sending this over!

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I am just looking at doing away with the USB cable and going wireless with a Raspberry Pi 0W. I am using a 3018 pro with GRBL and Candle software and although I have a long USB cable I would like to get my laptop further away. I haven’t found the exact help on you tube yet but I am sure it is possible, also waiting for advice from Core Electronics (Aust Pi retailer). I did a similar thing with my Ender3 v2 3D printer with a Raspberry Pi 4 and it works great although having Octopi available made it easy.