Need some help here please with the preview screen

Using Easel what I put in the design box doesn’t show properly on the preview. Even if I change the cut depth it does not show on the preview. When I slide the bar to change the cut depth it will show but as soon as I take my finger off the mouse it goes to showing what is in the images below.See the screen shots (hopefully attached). What am I doing, or not doing, correctly?

Here is another shot with an image brought in also.

You’re trying to use a 1/8" diameter endmill to cut features that are narrower than 1/8". It is previewing what it can cut with your endmill choice.

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Yes, what Neil said. The details are too small for a straight 1/8 bit. Try using the 30 degree bit that came with the machine, or a v-bit. You need to have it come to a smaller point, and maybe not carve quite so deep.

Thank you, had not considered that!