Need some help, new ideas or a solution for making a pan / trough

Hello all,

First of all, sorry for my ugly English, I’m a native German speaker. I try to make some troughs/pans into wood. I change to softwood to minimize the issue, but without any success. I added some pictures to see my problem. Pictures say more than a thousand words. I try to carve some trough out of the wood, I go down in smaller circles each level. The problem are (as shown on the pictures) the wooden frays, most often when the cutter runs not in parallel to the wooden texture (grain). I carve a lot of workpieces before without this issue. But only following one path (deeper and deeper) (not as a trough or pan). I tried it with a 6mm normal and up-cut cutter and with a 3,175mm up-cut cutter I used 11.000 U/min. max. for my device. a feed speed of appr. 600.

I’m interested in all ideas, improvements, or solutions. So please send me your things, ideas or experience, what I can do to minimize the frays!

Thanks a lot in advance - and once again sorry for my terrible English

First of all, I’d check out a 3D program if you want a hemisphere bottom shape. Secondly, I would use a round nose bit for this type of thing. I’d at least do the outside circumference with a round nose bit and clean up the inside with a straight bit. An option would be a bowl bit too. Freud bits should be available in Europe easily enough.

Thanks a lot… this is what I looking for out of the box thinking. Perfect I will try at first with a round nose bit and see what happen. I will come back to you with the new results. I should have a freud bit available with 6mm shaft from my normal hand router, so I can check also the results by using this one. As I say, I will come back with the results. Once again,Thanks a lot for your fast feedback and the new ideas. Sometime it is impossible to think out of the box. round nose make sense.


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So… here the results (and solution for my problem). It looks perfectly by using a ball nose bit. I changed to the nc script code which based on a 6mm bit and exchanged the bit on the device to ball nose instead of a straight one. It looks very well and there a only some minimal frays. PERFECT! MUCH THANKS FOR THE FAST RESPONSE! Here a picture of the result and a link to a video.