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Hey everyone, Looking for some help I was trying to use easle to do a few cutouts for a picuter frame for our daughter but i cant seem to get this to work, I am looking at making these cut outs and have the years of her classes but im not sure how to get the 1 to not get out off from the frame. I tried to combine them thinigng it out make it one iteam but when i do this the 1 disapears? Any help on this would be awesome.


The solid lines indicate that you are cutting right through, so the 1 will just fall out. I would delete the bottom line of the 1, so that it flows into the frame, like what the Pre K does in your other picture. And then maybe do an offset of 2-5mm for your outside cut.

Do you happen to know how i can merg the two? as the 1 is a font i cant seem to edit the nodes and for some resone when i combine them the 1 disapease.

Okay, I tried a quick test to see what is happening for you. If you select the 1, right click and say Bring To Front, then ctrl-a to select all, right-click and say Group, the number should stay.

Frankly, when I’m designing stuff like this, I would use a graphics program like Photoshop, Gimp, CorelDraw, or Inkscape. I find their editing abilities to be a lot better. I mostly only use Easel to generate g-code, and I don’t even typically use it to cut.

Thanks ill give that a try and it not ill do it in photoshop thanks again

I believe if you draw a line at the bottom of the 1, the part that stays, set the cut to 0, connect to the lower portion that stays, Easel will leave the number attached and cut around it. It’s like making the number and the frame 1 piece.

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