Need to cut union badge

**I’ve been asked to cut out a union emblem that has letters running circular around inside of it.
I’ve tried to use the tools in Easel, but they don’t perform the way that I need to create this emblem.
Is there an app that I can use that will allow me to be able to create a circle of letters that I can import
into my Easle? **

Hi Janet,
possibly you can use SketchUp and save as a dxf and import or share your badge you’re working with?

Thanks, Ken. I downloaded SketchUp but didn’t see how I could use it to solve my problem.

InkScape is a free vector based program that allows you to create vector images and save them as an SVG and import into Easel. A lot of people in this forum use InkScape including @PhillipLunsford aka PawPaws WorkShop. Phillip also has a lot of videos using InkScape to create a project then import it into Easel. I will link a video by Logos by Nick that explains how to do it.
Good Luck


Inkscape is really the place i go to create my designs thay easel cant get right.

Edit: i should have scrolled down a bit more to see Russell’s reply :flushed::grin::+1:

How do I share the badge

paste a jpg or check unlisted from private

Go To Project>Share and then change it from Private to Unlisted and copy that link (make sure to hit save when you exit)
Then Paste that link over here

The steps are also shown here:

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