Neje Master 2s max 30w newbie questions

(I’m completely new to laser cutter/etcher world)

So I bought it on amazon, I etched a logo(with lasergrbl) and it looked perfect, but I didn’t write any of the parameters down. When I tried to do it a second time to make it go a little deeper (2-3 passes) it came out terrible.

Now all my projects look terrible.
(I’m selecting Line To Line Tracing)

How do I find out the max and min for Quality(Lines/mm)?
How do I know the max speed of my laser cutter/etcher?
I’ve seen on YouTube that some people set their laser etchers to 3200 and some to 500-800, What I’d like to find out is what is the perfect speed for my machine.
How far should my laser be from the product I’m cutting/etching? Does it depend on what I’m working on?

Any help will be appreciated.

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