Nema 17 shaft broke

I got my x-carve at the beginning of the month, assembled it and run it through its paces, tuning and everything, and then the shaft on one of the nema 17 motors broke off. I assembled it as instructed. Just wondering if there’s a warranty on them or if I have to buy a new one? The rest are fine, just the one broke. If I do have to buy a new one can I buy just the one, or do I have to buy a whole new set? The whole purpose of getting this machine was to take some of the labor out of the work I do so it’s not like I aim to break it.

Contact Inventables directly, by phone (which is faster) or email:

and see what they can do for you

I already called and left a message. I’m working on the email now.

I don’t think I have ever heard of someone breaking the shaft off a stepper before.
I would think if there was a issue some other part would fail long before the stepper would.
Probably a defect in that specific motor?
What axis was it?
Because you have to replace the stepper anyway you might want to think about upgrading it to a 23. Just saying.

I called again and they said they would send me a replacement motor. All the rest work just fine, it was just the one that broke. They said I wasn’t the first to have this problem, just a defective part. I will be upgrading it in the future to the 23’s just not right now.

Fyi, it was one of the ones I had on the y axis. I was having trouble with it in the beginning anyway, kind of like the two weren’t keeping time very well or the one was playing catch up with the other. Perhaps it was broke all along and I just never noticed till the shaft came all the way out…