Nema 23 262oz

Being that the regular Nema 23 are out of stock, I’ve been looking at the 262oz version.

If I only upgrade X and Y, would my stock PS work? I would have 3 of the 262oz Nema 23s and one Nema 17 on the Z axis.

I have the original laptop brick looking PS.

Both NEMA 23 motors that Inventables sells have the same current limit. The current limit on the driver chips is less than what the motors can handle.

It looks like the “brick” is 90 watts. That’s not enough. I think the 240 watt supply would work ok.

Check the dimensions of the motors though, to make sure that there won’t be a mechanical problem.

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I picked up some of the 156oz from here They are 8 wire, but on the product page is a guide of which wires to pair up. They fit and work fine in my x-carve. I then just picked up the pulleys from Inventables