Nema 23 269 oz

I want to upgrade my motors on my XCarve. I bought my XCarve last month, so I have the newest model with the 23 140oz motors and the Xcontroller.

I’m completely novice on electronics like this, so advice? Tips? How to?


What do you intend to gain from a motor upgrade?
Not suggesting it have no merit.

It’ll be in conjunction with wider belts with more aggressive teeth. I want more speed and rigidity.

I’m curious about this … not to hijack your thread … could you use the same 140 motors if you replaced the belts with screws and get better results for not much more trouble?

I was hoping you’d jump in as you’re the de facto guru in my eyes. I have the x controller, are those motors just plug and play or will I need to adjust the potentiometer? Make modifications to the chassis?

Who did you go through to purchase them?

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Awesome, thanks so much! I’ll try not to overload you with questions, I love this stuff!

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Stock Z axis doesn’t support the larger steppers. You’d have to extend the Z makerslide at a minimum.

What do you mean?

There’s not enough physical distance between the motor mount plate and the X-carriage for the larger motor to mount/fit.

The stock NEMA 23s are 51mm long the 269 oz-in are 76mm long. They will not fit in the standard configuration for the Z axis. You can turn them upside down and mount them on top (requires additional changes),

Gotcha. If I put it in something like this, though?

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Could work. You would need to check the available space for the stepper motor. Especially since it mentions the Xcarve. It may be designed for the 51mm motor space.

Cool, well thanks for the heads up!

You have got good replies above. I have dual 140oz on Y and single 269oz on X & Z using ACME T8 screws - I have tried to hold back the gantry during move but have not been successful :slight_smile: They are strong! I use a 24V PSU and each stepper is limited to 2.6A.

Here is my build, where I document the larger motors and larger belts (9mm vs 6mm)

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these units will easily handle the 269 oz/in. motors with the x-carve x carriage.