Nema 23 low current stepper

i was wondering if i could upgrade to the (Nema 23 CNC Stepper Motor 2.4Nm( 1.8A 23HS41-1804S). will the gshield be able to run these stepper motors. i have converted to lead screws on all axis, so no belt problems from the increase of motor power.


I run the gshield with a standard current ish in/Oz nema 23 on my z axis with no problems. It is said that the gshield will provide what it can provide which will just result in reduced power. It shouldn’t cause an overdraw with failure. Should be fine to try.

How does the low amperage version work? Do they reduce speed in order to amplify torque?


The gShield should be able to drive this motor without issues.

I run my NEMA 23s with 1.6 amps per phase without problems (using the fan that Inventables provides). The gShield drivers can run 2.5 amps/phase with appropriate active cooling.

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Yes. The Inventables NEMA 23s are spec’d at 2.8 Amps/phase so the gShield cannot drive them to their rated torque. The motor proposed by @DonaldNewton is actually a better fit for the gShield as it will deliver the full 340 oz/in with 1.8 amps per phase where the Inventables motor with 1.8 Amps/phase is working at roughly 64 percent of it’s capability, or somewhere near 90 oz/in (just a rough approximation without looking at any torque curves for the motor).

The difference is that the 23HS41-1804S is 104mm long so it has larger coils to deliver a larger magnetic field with less current.

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If you are talking about the Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Max 4A Current 40VDC Input 16 Subdivision ST-6600, then yes it will work with the Arduino. You just hook the enable/direction/and step pulse signals from the Arduino to the driver.

I use a similar driver on one of my controllers.

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I thought they would work. I am going to give them a try.

I will post results once i get them installed.

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