Nema 23 motors

I ordered the nema 23 motors with my xcarve a month ago and my motors are still on backorder? Will I ever receive them or what. My machine wants to go to work.

You’ll get a quicker answer if you contact Inventables customer service. This is a discussion forum.

Just curious if anyone else is frustrated with this

Looks like the same motor with no wait.

Yah it does seem weird that they are waiting on motors when they are EVERYWHERE online. Maybe send them a note and see what kind of gift certificate they will give you if they don’t send you the motors and just order them next day air from Amazon. Essentially any Nema 23 woud work for you.

Not ANY nema 23 will work… there are some that are too long to fit the Z axis the way the machine is set up without some additional parts.

Nope. You just flip it upside down. Search the forums. ALL of 23’s are the bigguns.

and thus the need for additional spacers, longer bolts, etc.

I stand corrected.