Nema 23 pinout

i got my X-carve in but apparently their has been a switch over in the NEMA 23 steppers. the ones that are shipping now have a connector on the back and need a jumper to connect it. unfortunately the jumpers where not available at the time mine shipped and are expected to ship soon as a fallow up.

this would normally be OK but i am in a bit of a time crunch. what i am looking for it a pin out for the new NEAM 23 so that i can connect it up until the i get the jumpers.

any help would be most appreciated.


They need a jumper? Or are you saying they need a plug or connector of some kind? If there are four pins, try shorting the two on one side and trying to turn the motor. If it is difficult to turn, this is one pair. Remove the short and try shorting the other two - it should be difficult to turn the motor again. In this way, you can isolate the two coil pairs. One pair will be white/blue the other pair red/green (or whatever color pairs they are using now). It should work. If, when connected, it spins in the wrong direction, flip ONE pair of wires (like white and blue) and it will spin the other way.

Inventibles got a batch of Nema23’s that required a separate cable, and in some cases they had to send out that cable as a separate shipment because they didn’t arrive in time.

I think this thread is from that period of time, and I believe that all the delayed cables have been shipped out by now as well.