NEMA 34 Motors for next machine

I have four NEMA 34 motors and am building another machine. This has been a project before I got the XCarve… Does anyone have plans for a Z-axis. and the endplates for the Y axis. I will redraw them so they don’t have to be exact. By the way the x carve was so easy to put together and I started carving three days after I received it. It took longer to learn V Carve, Inkscape and the rest. a good machine.

If you do a search on the forum, I believe that some people have already posted diagrams of Y Axis end plates. As for the Z axis, there are kits out there for a linear Z axis from open builds, or you can get an assembled one, without the motors from eBay.

Inventables has all the drawings.

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from my own experience, i can say that these are serious overkill if you plan to use belt drive on X and Y.
If something gets stuck, the belt will fail waaaay before the motor reaches max torque.

So if you’re serious about it, i’d look into rack/pinion or acme screw drives

just my 2 cents


The X-Carve is substantively similar to the Shapeoko 2 from which it was forked, and you may find examining its drawings helpful in your project.

General information at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

Project source at: GitHub - shapeoko/Shapeoko_2: Shapeoko v2 Official Release