NESTING in easel

was looking for a guide on nesting within easel. I could not find anything, or maybe just overlooked. Is there a way to nest? If not, what would one suggest for a nesting software that is reasonable and easy to use? Thanks in advanced

you can check this out,

Nest Parts (

you could export the design as a SVG (Go To Project>Download Project (zip) then unzip the file) then import the SVG into a FREE software that can perform the nesting function for you. Then let it compute the desired nest and then Re-Save the file as a SVG again and import that back into Easel to setup the toolpaths.

This sounds like directions I once got from a guy…

Go there and make a left, then a left, two more lefts then it will be right in front of you.

But sometimes, it’s the only way…

Never heard of … I don’t know why I am so surprised to find there is a tool out there for everything on the web.

Thanks Seth


This is super awesome and I’m so pumped to try it. I used a program called MaxCut a long time ago that would optimize my cutlist and even handle offcuts as part of my inventory. Sadly it’s now a subscription service, but there is a free version! I got off subject but thanks for mentioning this!


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