New 3d printed Dewalt 611 dust shoe for 2.5" line, and question about strip bristles

New X-carve owner (less than a week) : Figured I’d use the xmas break to use my 3d modeling & printing skills to knock out a new dust-shoe for the Dewalt 611, since (based on my searching) I didn’t find any projects that would mate up with a 2.5" line (maybe I missed them). I’ve gone through a few prototypes (laying on the wasteboard), and have something I’m pretty happy with:

(the square viewport hole I’ll just cover with two pieces of clear tape stuck together, but eventually I could cut a piece of acrylic and put in there too).

Once I confirm the thing works properly I’ll release the files if anyone else would find it of use, as a thanks to this great community. If you’re wondering about strength, it’s rock solid (based on my print settings, I use a 1.2mm E3D-v6 Volcano nozzle at 600 micron), could probably lift the machine with it.

The final missing piece is the strip brush: I know others on here have made their own dust shoe, but I’m having a hard time tracking down what’s to be used as the outer brush material that will wrap around it. I contacted McMaster-Carr, and they pointed me this direction:

But I’d sure like a testimonial or recommended product: I’m looking for something flexible, bristles 1.5-2" long, I can glue to the perimeter of the shoe.

Thoughts and comments welcome.


I used the item below from McMaster.
I had some problems cutting the groove in my shoe base, so I ended up with a wider groove than I wanted, but this turned out to be a good thing. My strip brush is not exactly vertical, it’s angled out 20-30 degrees, which seems to help avoid any back pressure on the z-axis as the router moves down for the cut.

7900T5	Easy-Cut Strip Brush 1/4" W X 3/16" H Backing, 2" Overall Height, 3 ft. Length


Thanks for the info @KellyHickel : I ended up buying the same one before I read your comment. Great minds and all? :wink:

Lol I just requested this on another forum topic. Sweet. cant wait for the file. I loathe the 1.5" hole most have.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have something usable, and available for download. Just got my strip brush in, and have modified the design to use magnets for a quick release to get it out of the way when doing bit changes.

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Just ordered our X-carve. Your dust shoe design looks great!!

First working prototype is up and running. Full build instructions, BOM, etc, over on my blog:
Here it is in action:

And the print timelapse:

File for download:

Suggestions & critiques welcome! 3D printing I know, but this CNC stuff is all new :wink:

I’m also available to print these (for a small cost) if anyone is interested.

Browsed through your site - nice C-bot you got there!

Oh I so want to build myself one of those… :smile:

@Ebr : Thanks! A C-Bot build is slightly more complicated than a X-Carve build (since you need to source all the parts for the ‘kit’ yourself), but having both additive and subtractive manufacturing in your home is a pretty cool thing :wink:


I have to stop browsing Openbuilds and commit to building a printer. It’s so easy to get lost looking for the “best” design.

Hardly matters for me who have zero experience with 3d printers to begin with. If I can build something that actually prints I’d call that victory and grab a couple beers to celebrate.

If you wiped your memory and had to make a choice as a guy who never touched a 3d printer before:

Build a IndieLC or C-Bot? :wink:

Currently building a 3D printer. No plans on her than what’s in my head. I’ll show it off when I get all the parts.

I built a simple one that uses bristles from cheap paint brushes, .437 plywood and some leftover vac hose parts.
Works quite well considering it is attached to a Grizzly 1150 cfm cyclone.

What do you think?

@DanielAlderman : I like the spring attachment, nice solution. And the paint-brush bristles are a good idea too. Hey, as long as it works, that’s important :smile:

@Ebr : I’d never seen the IndyLC before, but it looks to be very different than the c-bot: I built the c-bot since I wanted to print big stuff. So it’s really what you’re after. However, the c-bot has a pretty active community, many successful builds, so that’s a big plus in my book.

May need longer brushes or maybe some slit plastic, I have seen a few like that but this has a big suck to it and these brushes don’t get sucked in.
The springs make it very easy to change bits, get totally out of the way.
Now for the enclosure for the electronics. I bought a bunch of 4 pin cabinet connectors off eBay for $1.50 each.

I’m going to be building my X-Carve in mid-March. I’ve been researching dust shoe options and just found this. I will have a very similar setup to yours (dust collector with a 4" input connected to a Dust Deputy). I had noticed the same dearth of options for 2.5" shoes, and this is perfect - especially since I also have a 3D printer.

Thanks for posting this! Now I just need to continue looking at bristle options, to see if I can find something softer.

I’ve had mine under constant (aka: hobbyist, weekend) use since I posted about it, and it’s been chugging along fine. Just get the brush i picked up, then cut out 3/4 of the bristles on the inside, and you’ll be good to go.

Sounds good. I already need to order some other stuff from McMaster, so I’ll tack this on to the order. Thanks Eric.

Eric, Im interested in buying one of these off you if you’re still making some!


I sure can: Contact me at and we can work out the details.

Note though, that I made a modification to the “NewBrit” dustshoe as well, which I’ve since been running. I’m more than happy to print my design above, but I feel the below one is better (although, takes more parts and pieces).


I love your seconds design, but the machine i’m using is a custom built one, so sadly i dont think it’ll work due to different mounting. I’ll shoot you an email!