New App: Circular Text

Hi All,

I’ve created a new Circular Text app!

Although, this app is meant for text, you could use it to place shapes on a circle as well. Shape order is determined by the x coordinate of each shape.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome!


Thank you!

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If you have already played with this app, you might notice it doesn’t work very well with “space” character. The reason is, I have no way of knowing whether the gap between two letters is a “space” character or not. As a workaround you may follow these steps.

  • I would recommend using “-” character in place of “space” before
    using above app.
  • Use the new App I wrote, “Xploder” to break
    result into letters.
  • Delete “-” characters.

Alternatively, I can make the circular text app output individual letters, so we can delete “-” characters right-away. What do you think?

Great suggestion! Thank you, I will do that.

@AngusMcleod, Done!