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New App - Convert Circles to Drill Holes

This app will convert all selected circles to the new Drill operation.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t convert selected circles to anything. It will drill a hole in the position you select, the same diameter as the bit chosen for the job

@SamGironda I believe @SeanMooney is announcing that he added that exact functionality.

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So how would that be differnt than changing circle to fill?


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Ok so that will be for imported SVGs or image trace.
I also notice that the app for “Holes on Path” also has the option to place them as drill points.

I think it’s for any Easel project with circles.

Yes that would work but with the drill app why create a circle then convert to drill point?
If I am creating in Easel and want a drill hole I will just use the drill app.

For all the projects that existed before a couple days ago.