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New app: marble maze generator

Hi everyone,
I’m pleased to announce an application for generating marble mazes.

The parameters are fairly straight forward: Set your columns, rows, and your depth, and the app will generat a maze path.


This was my first run after finalizing the code… My kids love it.

I think it will look better to set the plexiglass in a groove rather than on the surface…

I think I will next do a cube where all the paths connect.


thank you!!

Are you able to share the app? I am interested in doing some marble mazes.

@JeffWimer It’s an Easel app.

@DaveAndrews Thanks so much for making the app! I’ve been wanting to make a huge maze (30"x30") like that for the kids to stand on to play, now I just need to design the tilt mechanism. Great app!!!

I just measured the kids’ marbles, and they’re about 5/8". One asked me if using a magnet would be cheating. So, I would need to ratchet up the difficulty level by getting a bright colored non-ferrous marble 1/2" or less in diameter…

I found that breaking open a roller skate bearing yields a perfect ball for 1/4 groove.

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My X Carve is just making a bunch of holes - no tracks


That’s odd. It generates a single polygon for the maze path… Did you adjust the depth so that it doesn’t go all the way through?

I Set The Bit To .02 below track size.
Problem Solved!!

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Any chance on being able to add in the ability to click and set a start and finish point? I would like to be able to have the star point be at say the top right corner of the maze and choose where on the maze the actual finish is. I dont know coding so don’t know if thats even possible.

Thanks though my nephews are gonna love this.

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Yes, I think I can add this… Am also working on an option to fill a selected shape with a maze.


Fill the shape idea is really slick. Christmas tree mazes - Pumpkin mazes - The list is endless. Great Idea!

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Is there a way to set the groove width?
I have ball bearings that are just a little too wide for the puzzle I made.
Please advise,

The groove width and the wall width have to be the same.

so, does setting the wall width determine the groove width as well?
Also is there a +/- factor involved in the measurements?
Please advise,

Yes, the groove and the walls are the same. Make sure it is set a little wider than the ball so that it can roll around corners.

great!! hanks

I just finished my first maze, and worked it.
The solution simply follows the outside track.
Does the seed number determine the difficulty?
And if so,does it go low to high in difficulty or the other way around?
Please advise,

The seed is the initializer for java’s random number generator. It has nothing to do with difficulty.

Post some pics of your finished project!