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New App: Puzzle Generator

I wanted to highlight the amazing work of an independent app developer, @Vk1. He made an app that generates a grid of puzzle pieces. We just published it for everyone to try out. I know @Zach_Kaplan is super psyched about this app. Here is what it looks like.

As a reminder, we are still working towards a moderation / submission system for apps, but if you are an app developer and you want to publish an app, just contact us!

@Zach_Kaplan do you have any photos of what you made using this?



verry nice app !!!

if i can say something, it will be usefull to chose the bit in the puzzle configurator to automaticly adapt the spacing for the pieces (for some wood economy) or there is a relation between the 0-100 spacing size and the bit ?

and btw did we need to use “outline - outside” right ?

thanks !

I like it, haven’t used it yet but see many possibilities. Have many to make gifts for and this fits the bill.

Does anyone have a method for gluing a picture down to the finished puzzle pieces?

A relief carve made into a puzzle would be cool.


am i missing something lol?

I went to the app and input the fields and hit carve and this is what i got

Looks like it is not doing outside cuts

Looks like you forgot to set the Outline type to “Outside”

As for gluing a picture down I have has success. I used a thin coat of wood glue (your choice), it has to be thin and consistent. Then roll it down and maybe sandwich it for a bit. Works well.

ooooooh okay so you have to change the cut around will do thanks I wonder why the app doesn’t generate that cut path for you


This is another great addition to the rest of the apps! Can we get an update to the box generator app?

Hi ontheEDGE. Easel api does not support to set “outside path” by 3rd party app, so the generated shape can be only “filled” or “on path”. But people from inventables work hard to improve easel, so maybe the new version supporting this will come soon.

Carving puzzle with some relief is quite easy.

  1. carve the puzzle pieces

  2. assembly the pieces tohether

  3. engrave the picture / relief on assembled pieces

It is maybe better than implement it to the app or doing it in easel, becouse with this method you can use different bits without problem.
I dont use any adhesive tape for it, just clamps are ok. I made couple of that jigsaw, but I am sorry, do not have photo to show you…

Didn’t think of that.

Would you ever consider adding it for single bits? How would it work?

This looks great. Going to fire up the laser for this one. :smile:

Trying it now. I keep getting an error. It says We can’t import this SVG.
The file does not contain any objects.
Check out the SVG import guide.
with FireFox

With IE I get this and it locks up.
with Internet Explorer

yep I keep getting the same error

Same error here.

Curiously, and I have no idea how these apps are created, but there seems to be no option to define a size or shape of the puzzle. It could be that there’s a key parameter missing from the input dialog which is causing the app to render null paths or have an error. After all if you try to create a puzzle that is 0mm by 0mm you will have 0 puzzle.