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New app: Super Gradient Generator

There is an intersect all app that you can use. Should be released as well.

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Unfortunately I have no reference for bits to use.
Because, to be perfectly honest… I haven’t actually carved anything with the app yet. :joy:

I guess I have more fun coding some of these apps than using them!

I am using a few ball nose bits, they work quite well actually

Yes, I did not look hard enough…user error!!

I figured out how to carve something quite complex, very much trial and error. I am useless at taking notes… How would I look at the super gradient result I am happy with and see the configuration / settings.

Asking for a friend

Errm… Kinda hard to do without having saved your initial settings. I mean if you have the initial shape and the final result, you could always count the layers to get the number of steps and then look at the boundary box change between each to get the height change. Getting the curve would be more difficult as that is based on the height of each layer. Mind sharing?

I think I get you

I am making this in two halves for a client…


Also like the video and leave me a comment!

I do crank up the steps to 100 each time to save myself time sanding, but it does take up to 5 minutes for the tool paths to get generated with that many steps. Still works though.

you have a setting for inwards but not outwards.
what im needing is for it to go outwards.

You can try to offset your shape to the desired size and then use the gradient app between both shapes to get the desired result.

So you just need to switch the start and end depth. Not sure if the image will upload but I made these mlok handgrips using this app. Worked like a charm.