New Bas Relief

8x8x1 Cherry with a single coat of Danish Oil.

I am trying to decide what to do next, maybe a darker gel stain on just the horse?


Or just darken the mane… love the details!!

Good idea. The 1mm tapered ball nose does a great job.

The back ground in dark Stain so that the focus point is on the middle art.

That is fantastic! Wonderful work.

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great horse. how long to carve?

About 7 hours for all steps. Not bad really, It would have been faster but I wanted to remove all the wood around the horse head and I had to use a .125 inch tool to finish the pocket around the head.

This was running about 120 ipm

That horse relief looks nice.
Where did you get the relief model may I ask?

Found it on eBay, I think it was $2

I really like the horse and have bought some patterns of architectural detail via e-bay. Recently I have been making bas-reliefs by crating scenes in DAZ-3d (freeware like Poser) and exporting the files (as .obj) to “3d builder” (part of windows 10) to control the z, then exporting the resulting .stl file to v-carve pro to create the tool paths.

I haven’t tried cutting anything as deep as your horse. How did you get the depth without having the collet interfere with the work?
Have you experimented with any other types of wood?

Thanks Richard, I used a long (2 inch) 6mm end mill to do the roughing and then my 1mm tapered ball nose which is about 1.5 inches long. I just slow down the feed rate a good bit to reduce the deflection that comes with using a longer tool.

I have carved reliefs into maple and pine before, but this is the first time I have used cherry and I like it the best.

I think it would be really interesting to glue up a one inch thick board from 4 different 1/4 inch boards, Using a very dark wood like Wenge contrasted with a light wood like the cherry would make for a relief that had the color built right into the wood.

I like your idea, using different colored woods would allow you to make a “cameo” kind of thing. Your original post talked about finishes. I have had some success using a buffer with white diamond compound and then some hard carnauba wax. This has given poplar an almost stone like sheen.

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