New Bits and Bit Settings

I am aware of the Upcut, Down cut, Compression, V, Straight, and ball nose bit options, however, I have some need for other bits that it will not allow and as I cannot add them as custom. Therefore I am putting in a feature request for them.

Tapered, PCB, and Corn Bits are the bits I would like to see added.

That said there is a feature request within that feature request.

I would like to see the capability to account for Max Cut Depth. For example, I have a 1/4" shaft but a 1/8" cutting diameter. If I could include the 1" Cut Length (depth) into the settings so that the router would understand that it cannot go deeper with that bit then the cut depth it would save a lot of time and effort it verifying that data by hand every time I try to set up a cut.

Thank you for any thing you can do to accommodate this.

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