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New box maker app

I feel like you guys are reading my mind while i watch this video.


thats next. Im not sure it’ll even work. I had to edit a lot of points to get my straight sides. gonna try to carve it later 1h30m in 1/4 ply.

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I made the pointy ones like that but just erased all the points that made tabs on the sides i wanted straits on the other points. it goes fast as it automatically selects the next point in sequence and you only need two points total to make a line.

I might still add tabs to the peak but the receiving holes will be set in so the roof has a over hang.

I made this with the old box maker before that was a option.

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I don’t know why i did that with the triangles and didn’t think to with the other sides. I haven’t even touched my 3d programs yet. I told myself not till i stop making mistakes in easel.

Now what if i wanted to do quick tabs that i can copy and paste to the edges of any shape then combine. How big to i make the tabs? The size i put in the app does not match what it makes.

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So I just tried the new box maker app, do I have to adjust anything after I set the dimensions. The fit wasn’t to good.

Yes I have calibrated my steps per mm.

I didn’t measure the left over cuts.

Ok I’ll take a look. I think I will recalibrate the steps again.

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I have to say the pot calibration has to be one of the things that irritates me the most about the system. I check the calibration and it is spot on send if 250 mm I get 250 mm.

So I decided to check the pots again run it for six straight minutes back-and-forth and finally five minutes in and I lose like a couple steps. Mind you no more than three or four days ago I ran it for 10 straight minutes at the exact same setting didn’t lose a single step.

Should I be running at a high ipm to really push the system?

Am I the only one who has to reset that, it seems like all the time. It’s totally confusing my controller sit in the drawer in the drawer never gets opened.

Yeah I understand, do you think I should crank up the ipm to stress the system? I would think the faster the motors are going the better the chance you would experience the loss of steps.

So I was following the instructions that Robert lays out and I noticed a strange turn of events I lose steps at the exact same spot every time. I don’t think it is the pots that are the problem. Any suggestions.

Here’s a video.

Hi there.
I thought I would give the new App a go, but then got stuck very quickly, and before even carving.
Here is the problem. I am using metric (as I am living in a metric world). This means my bit size is in mm.
When you have the bit size in mm (3mm in my case) the app freezes and just shows Loading…
In fact it freezes my browser, and I have to close it completely.
Come on guys, you do have “Metric” customers. Cater for us as well. It would also be nice if the dimensions could also be specified in mm.

I can see it being a pain in the ■■■ but google will convert to decimals right in the search bar.

Thanks for pointing this out to us, @Deon. I’ll have our developers take a look and see if we can get this bug fixed. I’m sorry for the troubles!

Thanks Mo,that would be great.
I also looked at some other comments on this forum, and I see that some people would like the option to select dogbone on or off. I must say I agree with them. I also sometimes prefer to do the corner trimming myself.
All in all, if we can have the metric option as well as the dogbone option, it will be a great App ! Thanks.
I watched your video and did enjoy it again :grinning:

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Hi Guys,
Me again. This time not complaining, but to say how impressed i am with this app.
It must sound a bit contradictory, but I tried the app again (just now). Took me in total 15 minutes to create a box, and it came out perfect and fitted 100%. I still had to convert mm to inches, and for some reason it didn’t freeze with my bit size set to mm (not sure if you already changed something).
All in all, i was really impressed :grinning:
Well done Inventables team. It saves me a lot of time on the CAD for a quick job.
P.S. If you can give us the option of setting the sizes in metric it will be a bonus.

Are the dimensions entered into the boxes for the interior of the box or the exterior?

Pretty sure it for the exterior