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New Box Maker - Option to not dogbone

I love the new box maker app. The lid add-on really helps.

Can you add an option to not dog bone the finger joints. I prefer to just file them down instead of having the gap.

Great App - it’ll really help save my time!

I second that.

The dog bones may work but they make the box look ugly with imprecise looking joints.

The addition of the lid is a great feature but a tick box to dog bone or not would make the app perfect for me at least.

I was thinking the same thing when I carved a sample box that the dog bones seemed way to big and that it would be easy enough to just chisel ot file the corners.

Skip the tabs and dog bones and do a rabbet joint.

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Hi Phil,

Paul Kaplan no longer works at Inventables. The new box app was built by other members of our dev team. I’ll pass along the feedback to the team.



Thanks Jeff!

Any chance of this option getting done?