New Build Experience

New to this community here i just thought i would share my experience. Overall the assembly instructions are well thought out and easy to follow if you don’t rush things. Having said that i did notice some minor issues.

  1. The video tutorials are great however having them for both methods would be greatly appreciated.
  2. In my kit (500mm version) the drag chain brackets i received were for the 1000mm kit. If this is the standard going forward you might want to include this in the instructions so you don’t have to 1/2 disassembly the cnc when you get to the installation of the actual drag chains.
  3. I noticed that the marker slides are now coming pre-tapped. This is great. However the holes on the end plates don’t line up perfectly and need some creative jiggling to get them in properly.

Anyway building this unit was a lot of fun and now off to start carving :).

For my fellow Canucks if you are having a hard time find collet adapters from a 1/4 shank to a 1/8th shank. I have found that lee valley sells a number of 1/4" shank router bits in the smaller cutting diameters. As well as bushing adapters.

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