New Cabinetmaker sidebar organization

We have made some changes to Cabinetry and Project settings. The Project level settings, applying changes to all cabinets, are always on screen, having supplemental changes to cabinetry level appear when specific cabinet is selected. Icons were added to help with identifying visually which section settings belong to. We hope having a single place to control all the different properties will help with faster and easier design portion of your project. This change works really well with double click to navigate around..

hello. I have a question. when i look at my cut list i see something like this sheet 1 of 4 6 panels sheet 2 of four 6 panels and so on. at the top it has a button square with arrow export cut list to easel. When i export to easel all the cut lists don’t export. What would be very handy is if i could export one cut list at a time like sheet one of 4. The reason is my machine has cut area 0f 48 x32 and i would like to play around with placement of panels on my material. Hope this makes sense.