New cables

Dear forum members

I have had to buy new cable to my X-Carve 1000
Do you have to use the same area as the original cable.
or is it fine with something thinner?

Kristian Ang / Sweden

i suppose you mean diameter?

I would invest in good cabling. Better to be safe than sorry, cabling problems are a pain to troubleshoot…


You could use a thinner/smaller wire for the homing/limit switches, but I would not use thinner/smaller wire for the motors or power supply wiring.

how do you know the aria of the original cable

In the US we use 18 gauge wire for the motors and power connections. The wire diameter for 18 gauge is 1.02362 mm

For the homing/limit switches we use 22 gauge wire. The wire diameter for 22 gauge is 0.64516mm

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Thank you Sir
I will measure the cable I have ordered

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