New Challenging Project Completed

Milled photo of clients schooner in a Monterey Cypress wood slab. Cut to .125" doc using both .125" & .0312" down cut bits. All using Easel. Stained the sails red mahogany and hand painted the hull black. Milled pocket for barometer and client had trophy shop make a brass name plaque. Finished with lacquer sanding sealer and 4 coats of clear lacquer.
Turned out better than I thought it would, and client was ecstatic!
It took longer to draw (coreldraw) the schooner than to actually make the whole piece.

And yes, the rigging lines are all cut to .125" doc with .0312" bit.


Very nice work! I love the clean crisp stain lines. The contrast is great.

Very nice, at first glance I thought it was an inlay

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The lines aren’t stained Matt. They are just cut lines. Thank for the complement.

very nice

Jeff - where do you get down spiral bits that small? Smallest I have is .125. Granted, smaller than that and the advantages of down spiral decrease but I’d still prefer it.

Nice work!

My bad. .0132 bit wasn’t down cut. I have never seen one.