New (Cheap) Dust Shoe option

Has anyone here seen the new dust shoe by Carbide 3D? I just came across this video from Winston Moy, and it looks like a nice, cost effective alternative. I’ve nearly run my suckit into the ground (lots of clamps), and I’m thinking of trying one that moves with the Z again. Looks like they’re sold out at the moment, though.


I like the looks of that it seems pretty compact.

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Looks like a good design, so far I haven’t tore my inventables one up yet, that looks like a good option though

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I still have my Suckit, but there have been a few times where the Z independent design doesn’t work that well. If I do a V-carve inlay and need to carve off the “plug” section, it’d be nice to have that dust shoe move down with the endmill.

When I first got my Suckit, I had the same problem. (I ran into clamps)
I realized that the brush skirt was only 1" long and was the cause of the problem
I bought a new brush (1 1/2 long) trimmed it down to 1 1/4 and never had a problem since.
I see that Suckit now offers and longer brush.

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I tend to experiment with non-familiar workflows…some senders add motion I don’t expect. That’s when the crashes have happened.

Even cheaper for those just wanting to try a vacuum attachment before buying …

It’s worked for me for almost two years no problem.

And I also find an air cleaner sufficient – and quieter – for most carves (no need to use the dust shoe as in this picture)