New clamp design. What do you think?

Trying something different with clamping. This would go in conjunction with a bump stop opposite corner. super quick and adjustable. Im working out some kinks gonna put in t nuts and socket cap screws to hold circle in place on next one.




looks great. think they would work good.

This is a really smart design. I like it! How are they holding up?

Interesting idea, but will it hold good enough?

I have some hard ware to tighten things up. Ill look into the downward pressure. Ive been carving by pressing wood up to the sides of the work piece and screwing them to the table. the first issue i had with this is the pink foam.

Maybe a thinner piece to attached to the top of the clamp to add z pressure? If I do this i would have to angle it towards the work piece correct? not just have it lateral.

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I think if the corner clamp had an angled profile (for downward pressure) you’d be all set.

Orange piece would be the clamp, black piece the material.

What the angle needs to be is the next question. I assume a more dramatic angle would provide more pressure, but it would overhang your material more. Seems like the goal of a clamp like this would be allow the bit to get to every part of the material


I figured it out. Keeping it all as a one sided easel carve. hopefully Ill have some new pictures tonight.

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You might try this. I have a couple and they work really well.

Those are cool. Im gonna go t track after I move.

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Hey Joe - do you have a design you could share? I’d love to try this out.

Sure. im Not near a computer but I’ll share it on Monday.

Hey those look really good.
I work with side clamping alone and have never had any issues BUT my clamp faces have 120 grit sandpaper adhered with PVA glue, takes only hand pressure to ensure a non slip contact.

Nice. I have been thinking about a similar design. I wonder if these could somehow be modified to work with bench dogs or the bench dog holes…