New clamps for xcarve

Modified some Craftsman clamps to work with my xcarve.


What needed to be modified with the clamps?

You need to take the clamp apart, cut the bottom off to make it flat and then you will need an m5 bolt once you put it back together so it can screw into the wast board.

How do you
alleviate the lift from the side force of the clamp as shown on the L bracket lifting?

I have 2 of these Armor-Tool B7-IL Auto-Adjust In Line T-Track Clamps and use them in my X-carve 750x750.

They are big and bulky. You need to keep clamp away from bit…
While side pressure does hold well there is too much vertical play without downward force.

It may affect the material surface detection during the Z-probe test and also some part of your material board will pull up a bit, and result in uneven deep of drilling (e.g. expected 3mm depth drilling in some area but eventually some area 2.XXmm, some area 3.XXmm, etc).

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