New control board for pro 1380 cnc?

So I have been looking for a new control board for my 1380 cnc so that I can run it directly from Easel and not have to export G codes to another program…
just wounder if this set will work with Easel?
Thanks Adrian

Yes it will work.

However I’d recommend you instead purchase the following:

  • 1x Arduino UNO board
  • 4x TB6600 stepper drivers (or a 5th as a spare)
  • 1x 36V 400W power supply (Optional, but recommended if you have 24V or less now)

It will pack a MASSIVE amount of power compared to the very weak shield/A4988 drivers. This should all come in at around $100 or less.

Amazon have 4x TB6600 for as little as $34

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Ok thanks I will do that, to be honest I never had the the intention of using the A4988 drivers as I have them already and they dont have the power like you say…
thank you for the list and I will go and look for those parts

If you do have an Ardunio UNO already and PSU then all you need is the TB6600’s. Since the TB6600 allow larger voltage PSU than the typical 24V its very cheap to upgrade that aswell and 36V is their sweetspot.

50% increase = a 50% increase is max rapids (simplified) and better torque vs RPM curve.

thanks for the info, the cnc is very slow so that will help out a lot

Depending on its capability the max speed is defined by GRBL parameter $110-112, up to where the torque vs RPM drop below machine friction :slight_smile:

I have had a go at that with the old stepper motors and have managed to get the 3018 to move quite a bit faster, but like you say too fast and the torque drops off