New Driver Install

Hey… I installed the new driver and now my machine randomly cuts wrong. I have had the machine for a year or so now with no issues. But after the install of the driver/firmware, the cutting is off. I have reinstalled everything and it’s still off.

Am I crazy, or have other people had this issue?


When installing the driver, by chance did you also create a new machine profile? This is the usual cause since the new version was added last November…

The old and new xcarves use different grbl settings and the version selected will push those settings to the machine so selecting the wrong year version will effect the calibration and the cut size and depth.

You can delete the existing profiles by going to machine>edit machine and then setup a new one selecting the correct version.

You can also verify this is the issue as shown on this site:

Yes I did…let me give this a whirl

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