New dust boot!


Would it be a bad idea to cut the dust boot from MDF?

Found some nice pieces of 16mm thick MDF while dumster diving at the local hardware store. :wink:

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MDF? Should be fine since you are using 16mm. I only used 1/2" (12.7mm) plywood for mine. Might be a little weak around part where 1.25" tube attaches tho. Not much outside diameter there. I would try it. Can always cut a new one later and use acrylic part over. (I didn’t glue it in, just press fit)


Think I’ll Copy! :smiley:

Thanks Jeff

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Thanks Jeff.

I’ll see how it turns out. Might even post a picture :smile:

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Is there a project file on the board here to make this dust boot? I have a fixed one now and I’m tired of the clamping issues associated with it. Thanks


There are several option on following post, including mine.

No actual project file but here’s the Easel file use to cut base. Used 1 1/4" sch 40 PVC for the tube which fit my vac hose.


Thanks Jeff, Appreciate it.

Jeff when I open the project it won’t let me make a copy so I can carve it. Any ideas?

Don’t know why that is. Should be able to copy the shared file. Maybe someone will reply with the answer.

Hi Jeff, sorry to bother you again, but Inventables fixed the copy issue in Easel and I was going to cut the boot out of 1/2" MDF. Can you explain the cut process on this project? It goes to the top image and I am guessing that is the clear plexi top for the dust boot. How do I cut both of these when they are different thickness?

Sorry for all the questions but I don’t use Easel much at all.

Great idea Jeff, love the use of webbing as a skirt!!

Dumpster diving…it’s amazing what people throw in the trash!!! I found 40 cans of unopened spray paint in a skip once!! What a waste!!!

I just put both pieces (wood and plexiglass) on same page so I wouldn’t need separate files to send. Copy plastic part to new page to cut doc to your material. Zero cut plastic on main page when you cut mdf so it won’t cut that part or delete and keep 2 files. Hope that makes sense.

New version on right side.

Hi Jeff, do you have a file for the bracket for your dust shoe or the size of it. I really like yours and Im gonna try to make it as soon as I get some material for the skirt, something clear. Thank you in advance!

Sorry Antonio, just winged it. Held a board up, cut to size that looked right, marked where to cut holes, etc. Back mesures out to 1.25" x 5.5", side is 3" x 5.5". Hope this helps.

That’s more than enough for me, thank you Jeff.

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Hi Jeff
Great project. I am currently making one and was curious how you attached the pipe to the bracket. I noticed it is adjustable.

Hi Kasba
Drilled and tapped (1/4 x 24) holes directly in PVC water pipe. Super glued washers on pipe to keep tube flat and not rotate.