New Dust Shoe and Z axis belt Cover

Hello X-Carvers,

I finally got of my butt and made a decent dust shoe.

I ordered the brush from mcmaster carr that others have recommended and installed it in a groove cut in the 1/2" plexi. A small set screw on the side secures the shoe in place. I threw a ring light from super bright leds. Works like a champ and looks good. I just need to buff out the plexi to make it clear again as i cut it out of a nasty scrap.

I wired the led to the controller power supply so when the xcarve is on i have light.

I also decided to dust off my little vacuum former and make a dust shield for the z axis belt. First i carved the buck.

Put a piece of PTEG in the frame

heat in the oven until the plastic sags then turn on the shop vac and stretch over the buck

I over heated the plastic hence the bubbles but other than that worked well.

Trim and some black spray paint all set.

Happy Carving


Where did you purchased the led ?

I think @JosephMcdaniels meant from the supplier SuperBrightLeds

where did you connect the lamp
And is it 12 volt dc

is this design on easel?

You can pull the 12 v of the x carve power supply. That way when you turn on the x carve you have light.

Sorry I did it in fusion 360. Be happy to share the model or the Gcode let me know.

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Please tell me where the 12 volt is on my x-carve (if you know)

Or some one else that maby knows

Look on your power supply. On the green terminal block there is v+ and v- that’s where you connect it in parrellel with the wires going to the arduino.

I have checked there, with my instrument
but I had no power there