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New Easel Feature: Machine Jog Controls

Guess what?! We have ANOTHER Easel update: Jog Machine Controls!

Many Easel users told us they wanted to move their machine without opening the carve menu. There is now a jog control option in Easel, next to the carve button. Use these controls to move your machine in the X, Y and Z directions. (Note: your machine must be plugged into the computer and turned on.)

28 PM

This feature improves production workflow between carves, making it easier to move the gantry and access the machine’s workspace. Try it out by opening Easel, turning on your machine, and plugging in your computer.

In case you missed it, we recently announced a new Vertical Design Toolbar update in Easel and Easel Pro here on the forum. Make sure to check that out if you haven’t already!


Thank you for adding a very highly requested feature. :+1::+1:

Please consider adding G28 and G30 as well as a “Move to Origin” (0,0) to further enhance functionality and workflow.


I’ll pass along this feedback, thanks!

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This is awesome. I’ve used this for several projects now and it works great. Thank you

Thank you so much for adding this to the Easel features.

Great add! Thanks.

Looks like a wonderful addition to have implemented. Well done!

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Thanks for adding this new feature; it is greatly appreciated!!

I will admit that I have not yet been out to my machine to check this out, but it does not look like there is a custom move interval available on the Jog Controls window. Will this be something that that might be added? I routinely reset the work piece zero using existing features on aluminum parts after taking a break, and being able to jog a custom interval is key in that respect. I apologize if I have overlooked something …


Brandon Parker

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Feature is great but is it possible to add a value that you want?
10 mm is very slow to get it out of the way to change the project.

After using this feature a few times here are a few additional needs.

  1. The ‘default’ jog setting is set at 1mm. Can we have an option to reset this? I’d like it to default to 1 inch.
  2. I’d like this to appear upon job completion instead of the “Complete, does it look okay?” popup.

Right now, it’s just a new design and adds keyboard jogging, you still have to click close on that ‘carve complete’ popup and then click another button to jog the carriage. It used to be the Carve button, but now it’s just a button with arrows. Functionally there’s little difference, little benefit.

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Awesome additional feature! Thank You!

Another consideration might be to have the window show on the “MouseMove” event instead of the “MouseClick” event. Otherwise, there really is not a difference between the Carve Window and the Jog Window at this point except the Carve Window has the option to move a custom distance.


Brandon Parker

awesome, thank you for adding this feature

The jog control is awesome and nice to have. One more thing I’m looking forward to have different speed control while jogging it.

Happy to see this much needed feature.
I have built a pendant controller that jogs x,y,z, pause, restart and exit. I would like to add xyz increment controls to it, but there are no keyboard shortcuts for them. Is there any way you can add these? i know a lot of users have built controllers for their machines and would probably like to add xyz increment controls too.


I use G30 after EVERY cut! seems like insanity not to!

very good add-on Thanks

I’m surprised so much praise is being directed to Inventables for the addition of this feature. It’s functionally little* different than the former jog capabilities accessible via the ‘Carve’ button; it just looks different. You clicked ‘Carve’ before, now you click a smaller button with arrows. The popup then looks different. What, if anything, am I really missing about this feature?

*keyboard jogging is new

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Well, centering on material if off (not centered on material) now and is not carving correctly. Pictures tomorrow.

When I want fast movement, IE: End of a carve and move out of the way, set the max movement distance and use the arrows on the keyboard. Just hold the arrow down and it moves quickly and smoothly out of the way.

Just my 2 cents.