New Easel Feature?

Hi guys,

sorry if this is a very stupid question, and already been answred.

I have noticed a new feature in easel, and have no idea what it is and what it does? It looks like a Scope target!

Help needed please.

Looks like it drills a hole the diameter of the selected bit?

Yes, it does peck drilling. I haven’t had a chance to test it myself, yet.

it’s called centre to material, appears at bottom of edit tab. like others not sure what it does!

I believe I seen others mention it before it finally showed up in my easel. Its preck drilling. Basically would allow you to plunge drill, like you would with a normal drill. Comes in handy when drilling holes for say a new waste board.


At least I’m not alone! lol

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haha no… your not. haha I wanted to ask others after I kept seeing others talk about it, then finally popped up on mine. haha I have yet to try it. I have a marble board would like to reduce using that feature, other than what I di.