New Easel Pro Feature: Multiple Machine Profiles

Machine Profiles

For those of us with more than one CNC and / or computer, setting up CNCs can eat a lot of time.

We’d like to fix that. We hope this system makes Easel Pro more helpful by letting you store your CNC configuration(s) on Inventables’ servers and retrieve as needed. Free users have access to one machine profile and can uninstall it to use a different machine. Adding multiple profiles is only available to pro users.

How it Works

  1. Open the Machine tab in Easel
  2. Click set up new machine and complete the setup steps.
  3. Once set up, you can edit the name or other properties as well as uninstall it by clicking Edit your Machine.
  4. Upon logging in from a different computer or new session, you can load your settings from the dropdown and skip the setup.
  5. Easel Pro users will be able to set up multiple machine profiles and toggle loading between them by selecting it from the dropdown.

Note: if you have two machines of the same type (i.e. two x-carves) you may want to Edit their names to differentiate between them.

Included Settings

  • Name
  • Work area
  • Spindle type
  • Spindle control
  • Spindle RPM
  • Accessories
  • Machine Type

Your saved cut settings will now be tied to specific machine profiles along with bit/material. That way you can differentiate different feeds and speeds for different machines.


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Just a heads up, I sent a report in about editing existing machine profiles being broken as of mid-day yesterday and an error message appearing, but now I also realized that setting up new machines also does not work.

Maybe due to the Makita addition? as I see my machine profile that was set to DeWalt 611 got changed over to Makita automatically.

The change attempted here was to edit the name only, but in reality any change to this page (other than deleting it) results in an error.

Hi Seth,
We have had a short lived issue with Makita launch and Machine Profiles. Refreshing Easel should fix all the problems. Can you confirm this is a problem still after refreshing Easel?

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Hi Kacper,

Yes, it looks like that issue is totally resolved now!