New Easel Pro feature: Stored Cut Settings

Now, setting up projects in Easel Pro is SO much easier with Saved Cut Settings!

We’ve gotten feedback from you that manually entering specific cut settings for each bit and material pairing can be complicated and time-consuming. So with this new Easel Pro Feature, your saved custom cut settings auto-populate every time you select a given bit and material combination. How exciting is that?!

Find out more here:

Note: Easel Pro subscribers can take full advantage of stored cut settings by using the custom bits and materials in their Toolbox. Bits and materials in your Easel Pro Toolbox with stored custom cut settings will auto-populate for your projects. This streamlines the carve set-up process and improves your project workflow.


Question. How do I get rid of the setting I saved and have it reset to the normal setting. Thank you

Hi @MichaelBishop1 - If you’re in the cut settings tab in Easel, you should have the option to toggle between Easel’s recommended settings and your custom settings.

If you’re still having any issues, it shoot a screenshot to our Customer Success team (