New Easel Vectric PP breaks UGS?

I’ve been successfully using Vectric Pro and UGS on the XCarve for several months now, and accumulated a fair number of carve files. Recently I upgraded the XCarve controller firmware and now all my carves happen above the workpiece. These are all simple 2D cutouts–no engraving, no 3D, just cut all the way through the workpiece to finish. None of the Vectric settings I’ve tried changing have any effect.

When the final G1 command is sent to lower Z to the proper cutting depth (below datum 0, to the bottom of the workpiece), UGS reports that this command was “skipped by application.”

Was something changed in this area in the XCarve Controller firmware upgrade? Is there a way to revert to an older set of the firmware? How do I even find out what version of the firmware I had when I bought the XCarve so I can get back to that?

Arduino/Gshield or Xcontroller?

What version of UGS? Were you using an Easel PP previously or an Xcarve PP? They’re not exactly the same.

I was using the GRBL (inch) PP. I just now read in the Easel forum that the firmware upgrade will wipe out $$ settings. I know I had to change some of them for calibration, which explains why my 2 inch square was off. Naturally, since it had been working for so long, I forgot all about that stuff and now have to relearn it before Customers start cancelling orders.

I always photograph $$ with my phone before any updates

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I copied and pasted it into a text file so I always had it handy if I needed it.

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you should of just takin a picture on your phone, that’s what I do.:wink:

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