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New feature: Easel Toolbox for bits and materials

Who’s excited about a new Easel feature?

With the new Easel Toolbox, you can add any bit to Easel from the Inventables library. This makes pre-carve set-up easy, especially for your favorite Inventables bits. And, if you have other CNC bits, you can now add custom bits to Easel and carve with those using Easel Pro.

Easel Pro members can use their Toolbox with Easel Pro’s new stored cut settings feature for even more benefits. Bits in your Toolbox with stored custom cut settings will auto-populate for your projects, streamlining carve set-up and improving your project workflow.

Want to carve with custom bits in your Toolbox? Sign up for an Easel Pro subscription or use an Easel Pro Free Day. Learn more about Easel Toolbox to get started!


Is anyone else having issues since this new feature was added. My machine screwed up a $350 custom barrel head that i have made on numerous occasions without any issues. And it’s completely random, it shrunk a portion of one of my layers and shifted 3 different layers, all three to a different spot. There aren’t any indicators that it hit anything till it made it to the outside ring and took out my anchor point. Outside ring is last. Each layer that was shifted is carved perfectly just in the wrong spot. I also noticed that i can’t drill holes with an 1/8” bit at .127 anymore. I had to increase it to i think .132. So something has changed and i am already under the gun due to a random driver board failure and now this.

Hi @JoshuaMills - If you haven’t already, please reach out to our Customer Success team!