[new feature] Zooming and panning the 2D editor

Hey everyone! We updated Easel today with the ability to zoom and pan the 2D editor. This should make it much easier to deal with small projects, and sets the stage for naturally expanding the work area.

Let us know how you like it and if you have any feedback or issues. We are constantly making Easel better – the best way you can help us is with your feedback!

Here is a quick video demo of how it works.

Big thanks to everyone from this thread who gave feedback while we were developing this feature: [feature request] COMPLETE: Changing the work area in Easel


Looking Good Paul ! It appears very easy to use and understand. Now get back to work on the line tool, LOL. Kidding

Awesome update! I really like the direction you guys are going with this.

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Great! I was going to ask about this!