New Features Needed

Hello All,

I am an Easel Pro user and I would like to suggest some handy featured for future versions. If you are with me please leave your thumbs up.

  1. Safety Feature:
    1.1 when we carve 3D objects from the center, not all areas of our target material will have the same height, hence we start from the center of the material. It would be nice to have when we elevate the Z and move XY of the router away to clean or inspect, when I want to start a new carve using the same XY as center, make the router travel at the current elevation and only lower the Z when it gets to the XY of the center. This will avoid the router to travel too low and hit and damaging the material.

  2. Enable/Disable Carving
    2.1 when we have too many shapes to carve and we want to carve one shape at a time, the only way I know is setting the depth to zero. So if my shape depth is set to 5mm and it is locked. I have to unlock it and set the depth to zero but now I cannot see the shape anymore. However it will be very handy if we can disable, then the software will gray out the shape and I don’t need to unlock and change the shape, this sometimes causes issues because I have to remember the depth, and unlocking is not safe because we use lock for protection against accidental changes. However Enable/Disable will be harmless.


I totally agree with a disabled feature, I too have the same problems. I would also like to see a third choice of fine detail bit. and be able to tell the program which part to use it on instead of running through the entire program to get to the areas needed.

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I have designs where I need to cut only one shape (or a complex shape that is a group of shapes) I copy it to a new workpiece, and carve that workpiece. Perhaps I misunderstood your 2.1 request.

Those are great ideas.