New forum categories proposal

I’d like to propose a change to the forum categories to keep it a bit more organized. What do you think about these?

This category is for major news, announcements, and updates by the Inventables team.

Made on a X-Carve
(Please share your pictures and stories of projects you’ve made on X-Carve here.)

Made on a Carvey
(Please share your pictures and stories of projects you’ve made on Carvey here.)

Tips and Tricks
Tips, tricks tutorials, and more: * Only regulars to the forum bulletin board can post here - the system will grant posting privileges automatically. Anyone can reply, though. * Tips and tricks can also be posted in “Everything Else”. Helpful regulars will move them as appropriate

Problems and Support
Easel Pro

For Sale / For Trade

Everything Else

Does anyone have any feedback on this new approach?

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Hey Zach

so yeah think those are great categories

I would suggest 1 thing for the tips and tricks section that you require photos and a good explanation of how to achieve the method you are describing

I have seen on other forums around the web that they handle this 1 of 2 ways

have a download section (in the download section people would be required to create infographics on there particular subject and package them in either a pdf or zip file format) I think having these would allow the forum to have a great avenue to quick reliable information that is easy to follow along on a step-by- step basis. Kinda something like I did with my “Routing Dimensional Lumber” Thread
Sometimes I find it hard to follow a thread when its 200 posts long of discussion. Discussion is great to have but new users are just looking for the method and if it was all in one place ready to read I think that would help out. The original OP of the thread would create the infographics and would be able to change it but no one else would be able to. However the mods need to keep a short leash on this and make sure you are getting quality content and no double posts

when a good topic gets posted make it a sticky at the top of the category I think this can be good for quick reference but depending on how many you have the sticky’s could take up pages and pages at the beginning of he category
I guess what I am trying to say is there needs to be a place for quick reference of methods discussed on the forum

This should increase the traffic to your site as well if the topics are properly named as the google bots should pickup on those and list them in the search engine and bring people directly to your site

Although you don’t advocate lasers, I think a laser category is warranted…

What’s your thinking?

Lasers are going to be discussed here, unless you don’t want it.

It would be a quick way for that group of people to access the information they want to see without wading through a lot of posts they don’t want to see.

Maybe a sub-category under “Everything Else”?


@DarrylKegg what do you think about @LarryM 's idea?

Makes sense, just enjoy the thought of not having to wade thru a ton of non laser posts…

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This may fall under tips and tricks, but how about a category for specifically sharing files and projects, sort of like Thingiverse, (but without the drama.)


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@GuyKass I like that idea. Do you think it should be a sub category of “Made on a X-Carve” and “Made on a Carvey” or it’s own independent category?

I like sub-category of “Made on a X-Carve” and “Made on a Carvey”.

That way people can go directly to projects they can make on the machine that they have.

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I wonder if we could figure out a way to format the sub category more visually like this page:

So it would be quick to see all the cutting boards, all the cribbage boards etc.

I’m thinking it’s own category with different types of projects as the subs. Just my 2 cents.

So it would be like:

File Sharing
>>Board Games

If I were setting it up, that is how I would do it.

How do you think we should handle machine size?

I’m wondering if you could almost do a “tick” list. Sort of like beginner, advanced, expert. 500, 750, 1000 and so on.

I guess it really depends on how the site is actually built on the back end.

Each file/project could have a meta-summary that would contain pertinent information for using the project. That way you could know at the beginning if your machine/setup could handle the job.


I like where you are going with that @LarryM Maybe we could have a faceted search tool so you check the box to help you filter and one could be the machine size, bit size, material type, etc.