New Guy: Having problems setting up our machine

Hello guys, so i just finished assembling our machine and have not been able to set it up properly.

I got stuck where we’re asked to set the spindle to work automatically.

it leads me here: Troubleshooting spindle control
Here are a few things to check if your spindle isn’t working correctly.

Check the power supply switch positions. The power switch needs to be on and the toggle switch needs to be in the full-down “Logic” position.
Check your spindle wiring. Check the power connection and the logic wiring between power supply and gShield.
Ensure soldered connections are not loose and the header connector on the arduino fits tightly.
If those don’t work, you can check out our community forum for more in-depth troubleshooting help.

How can should i proceed?


Do you have your machine wired up to have the software control the spindle?

If you have an X-Controller and the DeWalt router, tell setup you don’t have an automatic spindle and proceed with the remainder of the setup.

You can come back to the spindle stuff if required.

Hello LarryM,

Yes, I do.

I later did that.

I was trying to do the “Test Carve” but havent figured out how to get the bits to stay firm on the spindle so i can set up the Z-Probe.


The “bits” are held by the collet in the router. There is a collet nut that you tighten to make them stay in the router.

Typically, people use an alligator clip or magnetic clip to hold the probe wire to the bit to make the circuit for Z probing.

If you ordered the bits from inventables you needed to order the 1/8 adapter.

If you have it, make sure it is silver side down. It will fit either way

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Okay Phil, so how am i supposed to hookup the spindle for automatic control?


Thanks guys, i later found the collet and adapter. The test carve looks great.


Thank you Phil.

I was only able to find ‘Isolated Relay Circuit’ in inventable shop.

Will it get the job done?