New guy having skull carving problems

skull wrenches
I used this picture but cant get the teeth to show in my detail cut any suggestions ?

Change your bit to a smaller bit, or a v-bit to see more details.

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@PatrickMckinley Here is a copy in Easel ready to carve. Take a look at it. I used your image and brought it into Inkscape and did a trace bipmap. Then brought the svg file into easel.


you rock thank you

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That worked perfect I will add my text and do a test carve today I appreciate it very much

The real key is to learn how to do this. It is very easy

so not sure what i did wrong but this is what it cut like but detailed view said it should have been good. im sure its something i did any ideas?

How are you setting your Z-zero? Looks too high.

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with the z-probe

Show us this part of your project, then we can help