New guy question

New guy question. I just got an X Carve 1000x1000 on Black Friday. Just got it together and it works.
(insert happy dance here)
Here’s my question. I got time at work (Shhhh don’t tell the boss) to create things in Easel. How can I save this in my Google Drive so I can pull it up when I get home?

Because Easel is web based, the designs stay with the website. You can design at your workplace on one PC and pull that same design up at home by logging into Easel with your home computer.

You can create a zipped archive of a project and download that. It can be useful if you are worried about future access or accidentally deleting important work. That archive could be moved to your Google Drive if you wish.

It is also possible to export and save the G-code commands that drive your X-Carve. This is sometimes done by people who do not have Internet in their shop and want to drive their X-Carve directly using a PC based G-Code sender like GRBL, UGS, or CNCjs.

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Thanks for the quick response. I was thinking that would be the case with Easel but I didn’t want to spend time on it only to start over when I got home. WiFi is excellent in my shop. Santa gave me a WiFi extender for Christmas. I got full bars in the shop now instead of 1.

May I ask what you used for your WI FI extender??