New issue with easel and the new tabs option

I have always used makercam to make edits to svg
I then import to easel
when i click toolpaths, i noticed easel is not finishing. for example, if i have a straight line, easel will make dots when showing toolpaths, instead of cutting the line straight, it cuts dots. it’s very random, but i have noticed this on my last 2 projects. it’s like it’s skipping certain areas of the svg. I notice this when i use tabs. If i uncheck tabs, it goes away which is good, but then i dont’ have tabs which help

I try increasing and decreasing tab size, but this problem still exist
i have always used tabs which is great, now i cant because of this issue

Do you have an example project or SVG you can share?

That’s interesting. I have also been having skipping problems with previously used files. A project was just ruined because none of the 6 tabs were left. X carve just didn’t do it and the piece came loose.
I’ll try it again without tabs but with tape. Besides the tabs issue it just seems to randomly be skipping steps. Don’t know if it’s mechanical or software causing the problem.

I cut one successful part without tabs. The next setup exhibited the same issues as before – stuttering and the cut being offset. Support point to motor current as as possibility. I will calibrate that next. Ahhh…

Actually on the part that was taped down, I stopped before it had cut all the way thru and took it to the table saw. It was a nice rectangle. That’s actually much faster than waiting for the X-Carve to cut thru it.
Other parts for this project have curvy parts that have been cut successfully using tabs.
Tabs are really a necessity.
I’ll adjust the stepper current and then try tabs again.