New Person needs help

Ok I am sure that this topic has been brought up a few times so don’t chew my head off.
Was having issues with dropping connection to machine.
So I corrected that issue and everything was working up till today.
Items Corrected
Changed to USB A/B with ferrite cores
Made sure that all settings are set not to sleep, screen save, anything like that.
Went into my device and changed baud rate 115xxx instead of 96xx

I am running a cnc that I have built using arduino uno and cnc shield.
Running Grbl 1.1F
Using 4 nema 23 motors have shield setup to to mirror y and y2
Have reflashed the UNO

Today I go to carve a name plate for desk and the cnc got half way through it.
Redone it 3 times same thing in easel. I down load the g-code from easel and plugged it in to UGS and it runs fine.

Anyone have any ideas or direction for me to start looking

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